I'm back!

Hey, ya'll!!!! I'm back!!!!!

First of all--thanks so much, Otter Days, for filling in for me!!! That was so great!! So, the question is--where on earth did I go? I'll give ya a hint--somewhere great and with some really great people!!!! We traveled with some great friends of ours to a really beautiful place in somewhere where you'll probably never visit. (maybe). We had two cars--the Man Van and the Firetruck. Which one was I in? You'll have to guess. ;) We got an awesome spider toy and a cat mouse that we used to play a prank (haha it was pretty funny, except that they didn't scream) and some cool shirts as mementos of our great trip. And right now our awesome friends are still here playing with the puppies!!!! (they are so cute) right now the puppies are cute and fat and sell-size (which isn't that big........). Just to say, I named the spider Max-Ernest and the mouse Cass (don't get it? Click here). If you want to learn more about my trip, please comment!


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