Book review--Alex Rider

OK, so I don't know if you're bored with these, but book reviews are still winning!!! (wow, yeah, I know!!!)

OK, here we go.

Name: Alex Rider Series (note: I am in Scorpia, and have not read Crocodile Tears, Ark Angel, or Snakehead). 
Author: Anthony Horowitz
Rating: first ones, 3/4, progressing, 2/3

So, I love spy books. I mean like LOVE. I think they're interesting, and they usually go more fast paced, which is the way I like books (personally). Usually what draws me in is either likable characters or a good story. In the beginning books of this series? Good story. But it struck me at something--I know that Alex went through a lot, but he always seemed grumpy and moody. He could've at least TRIED to be more happy. I think the beginning books are really interesting, and fast-paced. The others kind of go down-hill for me. I'm hoping that they get better because, personally, I feel bad for Alex!!!! In the books he suffers a lot from depression because of what he's seen.

Stormbreaker: Alex Rider is confused. His uncle has died in a car crash, supposedly because he wasn't wearing his seatbelt. But he always wore his.....

Point Blank: Alex's second mission to France......

Skeleton Key: Alex's third mission, working with the CIA....

Eagle Strike: Alex battling a mad guy.....

Scorpia: the one I'm on.

I think that if you were wanting something a little bit more, let's say, happier, then watch the Alex Rider movie--Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker. It follows the first book really well and is really good!!! Still, I think that the Alex Rider books are very interesting!!! (remember to ask parents)

Adios, amigos!

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