My origami

Big announcement....... I have found my hidden talent!! JK hahahaha OK, so maybe it's not such of a talent. But it's sure lots of fun!! 

And what is this mystery thing, anyway?


Yes, paper-folding.

I did just say paper-folding.

And what does my amazing work look like? Well, you might not think it's so amazing after you see it.

This is my penguin
This is my cup.
This is my hat.

And, yes, I did use the same piece of origami paper. =D




  1. haha, how cute! I've tried origami, but could never get the hang of it.

    Your creations are too cute! And if you think you're horrible, you will get better, just keep at it! :)

    1. Thanks! I've got like this beginners book. I kind of got lost trying to do something of them....... like the horse........ which I pretty much failed at....... ;D

      Thanks so much, Hannah! hahaha I'll keep at it! ;)


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