Puppies, Handbells, and 1 Random Fact

Hey, ya'll!!!!

So today our puppies got a buyer. Yay!!! Well, kind of. It's kind of sad, but great that they're already being looked at!!! They were looking at our puppy Bree (the third oldest, black with tan and white, girl). But they also liked Baby (all black, youngest, girl). They are good friends of ours. We've been to a camp with them before, so we know that they'd be good owners. :) 

Have you guys ever heard of Handbell Choir? I'm apart of one myself, with lots of other fun people around my age. I play the notes D and E, and two other notes (they're sharps and flats, but I haven't played them since the school year, so I've kind of forgotten.......). Hopefully our choir will be starting back up again!!! It's so much fun. I love our teacher. If you've ever seen, heard of, or played in a handbell choir, then you know a few things about it. If you haven't here's a few cool things about handbell choir:
1. You have to wear special gloves. They're either black or white. Mine are black. You have to wear gloves so that when you touch the bells you don't leave fingerprints and ruin the sound of the bell.
2. The bells come in all sizes. The higher up the notes are, the smaller they are. The lower down they are, the bigger they are. Mine are medium, because I have middle D and E.
3. If you've ever played another instrument, like a piano, then you know how the keys go up and down. (if you don't, that's OK. Please just bear with me!). With the bells, each bell is a different note, so usually several bells are playing at one time.
4. Bell music is the same as, say, piano music, but as the player of the bells you have to watch for your note. There might be times when you only play a few notes for a song. (For me, that's usually My Grandfather's Clock).
5. Sometimes it's very hard for people who can't read notes to play. But it can be pretty easy if you color-code your notes. (thankfully, I can read music).
6. Bells are VERY expensive. They are sold in octaves (eight notes), and can be very big. I'm not exactly sure how big ours is, but it's pretty big! We have lots of members. =D
7. Here are some pictures of a handbell:
Pretty cool, huh? The last picture shows the inside of the bell.

Hey, if you'd like to learn more, just comment!!

Random fact about me: I had reading glasses when I was younger.



  1. I had reading glasses {I still have them}, too, but they never really helped. I don't wear them anymore.

    1. My left eye (I think) was a little lazy. I don't have to wear them anymore, either. =D I still have them, though. They're really tiny now!!


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