Some more stuff =D

You guys ever been to a water park? Yeah? If you have, you know just how much fun it is!!! Yesterday I was at a water park. There were slides and different pools and all this other fun stuff. Our group played volleyball together, too. It was lots of great fun!!! We used a beachball, though. Still lots of fun!!! =D

I made up a song. Maybe I'll post it soon...... maybe not......

OK, so this is the weirdest thing ever. Please click this link here. It will lead to a wiki article. You're in the right place!! Which side of your brain are you in??



  1. I think you fried my brain. (JK, though it does hurt!) I was on both. One minute it was clockwise, another a different way. It was scary!

  2. Madeline: I could make it switch too!! It's kind of weird, but really fun to see what side of the brain you're in! =D I'm sorry that it gave you a headache. :( That didn't happen to anybody who tried it around me. I hope it goes away! Bye!


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