The Adventures of Tintin

Yes... those big words are pretty visible, I'd say! And if you can't read it, it says "The Adventures of Tintin." What a name, I know. And who is Tintin? Above is the theatrical poster of a 2011 film called the Adventures of Tintin (which I just told you haha). =D If you've watched this movie, then you know how awesome it is!!!! Yes, I did just say awesome.

And why do I think it's more awesome? Because I knew Tintin before the movie.

Before the movie, Tintin was, and still is, a comic series about a young kid named Tintin who's kind of like a young Indiana Jones except way awesomer!! You never know his age, but I'd guess he's probably anywhere from age twelve (amazing, I know, haha) to eighteen, though it's never made obvious in the books.

In the books, Tintin does lots of cool things--is the first person into space, saves historical artifacts...... the list goes on and on!!!!

And, now, here are the characters of the Tintin comics.

This is Tintin himself, with his trusty dog Snowy by his side. He is the hero of the comics, and is smart, brave, and heroic. He also seems to always have lots of passports.......... he's always in some weird place.......

This is Captain Archibald Haddock. He's a captain who's lost his ship, but I won't tell anymore.....

This is Professor Calculus, a professor who's rather deaf.

And, finally, Thompson and Tompson, the two police officers who aren't that smart.

Click here for the wiki article on the comic series. Click here for the wiki article on the movie.

And now, finally..... the trailer of the movie!!!

Hope you guys enjoy!!!!



  1. Whoa! YOU LIKE TINTIN TOO!?!(He he, 'Tintin too'(: ) I love Tintin! I saw the movie three times in the theaters! What books do you have? Which ones are your favorite? Willow said that "They aren't books." And I say, "They're graphic novels." (:

    1. LOVE THAT MOVIE!!! =D It's probably my favorite 2011 movie. :) (we have the movie) I've actually read most of the books!! I'm not sure what my favorite is. What's yours? I'd call them comic books and I think they rock. =D

    2. In order- Tintin and the Black island, The Land of Black Gold, Cigars of the Pharaoh, and the Blue Lotus. I didn't like the Blue Lotus very much :(
      I didn't like the way it was drawn in 'The Blue Lotus'. It looked different.

    3. Very cool. :) Yeah, I like some of the drawings better than the others. In one of the books Tintin isn't even wearing his normal pants... that was weird.....


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