So, I really should come up with a why that I address you guys all the time. What's your favorite of the below? If you don't tell me, I'm just going to have to keep on switching... ;)

Hey, guys!!
That's starter #1.

Hey, ya'll!!
That's starter #2.

Dudes! What's up? (OK, please not this one, and Hadassah? No mans here!!) =D
That's starter #3.

Dear Readers,
That's starter #4.

That's starter #5.

That's starter #6.

Or, option #7, I could just start right off without addressing you and you wouldn't feel as if I was personally yelling at you ("you! Yeah, you!!! You with the pink dyed hair!!" haha). :)

And how about going away? You know, like the goodbye? How would you guys like THAT?

1. Bye!

2. Later gator!

3. Adios, amigos!

4. Bye, guys!!!

5. Bye, ya'll!!!

6. Later!!!

7. Be back soon!!

8. Or just go one with the ~Storyteller

So what's your answers? Whichever ones gets the most votes, I will choose that.

And when you see my posts, oh fair,
You will know that you did that,
You will know that your fingers flew,
As you typed, at your computer sat.
And you will know that you influenced me,
Poor Storyteller of this site,
And I hope that you like what you pick,
And when you see it, it gives you delight.




be nice ∞ be kind ∞ be a hero

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