The Poem of the Tale of Jess

I have been away for a long time,
Not for awhile have I done a rhyme,
So I shall relive the moments of the past,
And I shall make another poem at last.

What shall my poem be about, pray tell?
How about a farmer who lived in a dell?
No, not that, that's old, I know,
So for you a tale I'll sew.

Once upon a time there lived,
A young girl by the name of Jess,
She loved the color sunlight yellow,
The color of her favorite dress.

She lived in the land of Florence,
A place of magical things,
Where elves weave, and dwarves live,
And an enchanted fairy sings.

She had a thing about her,
That made her special, it did,
She had a strange birthmark,
That quite resembled a lid.

It set her apart from the others,
When she moved things with her eyes,
It scared some of the others,
And just gave others a big surprise.

And then one day something happened,
She was kidnapped, she was,
She'd been taken, they didn't know why,
The birthmark, it was because.

And then she found her destiny,
In the sight of elves that see,
She found her beautiful life,
And pulled herself out of strife.

So now here's the end of this tale,
And I'm afraid this is new mail,
I hope you enjoyed this little rhyme.
Maybe I'll do one another time. ;)


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