What kind of blogger are you?

What kind of a blogger are you? Take the following quiz to find out!
After you take it, I'd love to hear your answers!! Please just put them in the comment boxes below.

These first few answers are just to get to know each other better, and to ask yourself some actually pretty important questions. If you get "other", please when you post your answer tell what that other is. Have fun!!!
If there is a link, please visit that blog!! All of these people have awesome blogs that I hope, if you're new, you go and follow!!!! =D

1. Why did you create a blog?

A. Do display something of yours (drawings, photos, stories, etc.) that you think others would enjoy.
B. To be random.
C. Because your friends had one.
D. Other.

2. What did you originally dedicate your blog to?

A. Your talent (A above)(Piano Bookworm).
B. Something specifically--letting God know that you're special (Alexandra Marie), for your dolls (Jess), or something else.
C. Just for random things (Otter Days)(Madeline May)(Madeline).
D. Other.

3. What do you mostly put on it now?

A. Just random stuff.
B. Still sticking to the course.
C. Post?! I don't even post on my blog barely any more!! I'm WAY busy!!
D. Other.

OK, now here are the ones to find out what kind of a blogger you are:

1. How much do you usually post?

A. I try to post at least once a day.
B. Maybe once a week or something.
C. Barely ever, only when I have something that I think is really important.
D. Other. (remember!! What's your other?)

2. What do you do about your blog's template?

A. I try to get it to look pretty professional, but try to keep it when I get one I really like. I usually change it maybe once a month.
B. I get a template I like and stick to it, changing it once in awhile.
C. Are you kidding? I still have my original template from when I first started!!
D. Other.

3. How much do you usually change about your blog?

A. I see what kind of things are popular, miss-and-match, kind of see what I like and then when I get the right amount of polls and everything I leave it for awhile.
B. I get a few polls and stick to them, and barely ever change things.
C. Polls? What even are those?
D. Other.

4. How much to go onto the blogs that you follow?

A. I usually try to leave a comment each time I see a new post come up.
B. Only if it seems really interesting.
C. I barely ever go on other blogs.
D. Other.

5. How do you deal with comments on your blog?

A. If I have a comment, I always reply to it.
B. Sometimes. If they're asking a direct question.
C. Barely ever.
D. Other.

OK, so here we go!! Mostly As are the Busy Blogger. Mostly Bs are the Comfortable Blogger. Mostly Cs are the Life Blogger. Mostly Ds, and you're the Other Blogger!!!! ;D And, remember, be honest!! I'm the Busy Blogger. ;)

Drag off who you are and display it on your blog!!


  1. Replies
    1. I would agree! =D Thanks for taking it, Jess!

  2. A
    Other. I usually try to post every day, but I get busy, but I still post more than once a week.
    d Other, I reply sometimes, but not always. I think it sounds like I'm a comfortable blogger!

  3. It said that I was a busy blogger, I am not sure how close that is! Thanks for the great quiz!

  4. A and C
    D I don't put polls up unless it's for a contest or something

    Hehe, I'm a Busy Blogger!

  5. Replies
    1. Hey, Hannah! Welcome! That's so great! Thanks for taking the quiz!! =D I'm going to be kind of busy today, but I'll make sure to check out your blog!!


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