I am scared--I am alone. I don't know where I am. Everything is dark. I wonder faintly if I'll ever see the light of day again. The darkness seems to say otherwise. I do not know anything. For some reason, I cannot speak. I cannot sing. I cannot make any noise that will even let myself know that I, myself, am alive. All I know is this--I am in danger.
    I do not know how long I have been in this place. I have no feeling in my soul here here. No sense of smell. No touch. No nothing. I do not dream here. I am stuck in a void of darkness that I cannot escape. I am trapped. I have no memory. I have no idea what kind of thing I might have done to deserve this. It must have been a very horrible thing.
   A song pounds in my ears; it is my own fear. I cannot escape it. I cannot escape anything. I cannot move. I cannot see. I cannot do anything at all. I am stuck here, until something saves me. What, I don't know. I don't even know what I need to be saved from but this evil darkness that has crept over me and stolen my freedom.
     My eyes--they have been hidden. I cannot see anything. Anything at all. If only I could see any color. But I am stuck in this dark void. My eyes are covered. My eyes cannot see. They cannot help me. Nothing can help me now.
     I am in grave danger. That is all I know. My eyes cannot see; they can't help me; they cannot do anything to aid me in anyway. My eyes are blind.  I cannot remove the things that cover them, because in reality they don't exist.
      I am stuck.
      Can you get me out?

Short story.
What are the themes?
What is going on in this story?
What is the person feeling?
Write your answers in the comments.

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