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Hey, ya'll!!!!! (Wow, I haven't said that in like ages) :)

So--some news really quickly before I start out with a normal post--

Best news: We have a new follower!!! Welcome, Keller Girls!!! =D

Good news: Our camera is back in business!!!! Yay!!!!

Bad news: Our printer is out of business. Stink.

So, I will still have to rely on our trusty old computer to take the pictures that I display (such as of our puppies and of my origami haha). 


Contests and Quizzes is still winning!!! Yay!!!! To get more information and possibly enter in a fun writing contest on this blog, look for the 50s Writing Contest picture on the side of this blog. If you click it, you can get more information and then enter!!! So that takes care of you contest people. :)

So I am seriously quizzed out right now!! If you're new, I have several fun quizzes in my archive (though you might have to hunt for them for awhile.......).

Here are a few:

Writer's Quiz--find out what type of writer you are!!
Letters to Jo Quiz--find out what character you are from my book Letters to Jo (displayed as a page on this blog).
What Kind of Blogger Are You? Quiz--find out what kind of blogger you are and drag off your own award!
Get to Know You Quiz--in which your author gets to know you better. :)

That's what I could find for now. =D If you want a quiz and you haven't taken one, here they are!! Also, please, please, PLEASE help me with my last post about signatures and everything. (P.S. Willow how on earth did you make your awesome signature?! LUV!) =D 



P.S. This is my 180th post!!! Thanks for following, 15 followers!!!! =D


  1. I LOVE your quizzes! Your soooo good at that! I hope you do more of them! My favorite quiz is the 'Writer's Quiz'. I'm glad you picked starter #2.


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