Interview with spy Alex Rider

Hello, hello, hello!! And welcome to the second Interview of August, with our host, Storyteller! Today we are going to be interviewing a very special person. We had to go to special lengths to let M16 of England let our special person be here today. Everybody, welcome spy Alex Rider!!

Alex: Thanks.

Me: Welcome, Alex! And how are you doing today?

Alex: *shrugs boredly* OK, I guess. I'm kind of depressed.

Me: Well, um, that's great!

Alex: *perks up* But I'm doing better since ____________ happened. (I'm sorry I had to edit this part, because otherwise you would've found out a critical something that happens in the book Scorpia!)

Me: Well, Alex, what's it like having your interview being put in front of thousands of people?

Alex: What?! I thought M16 said this was a private interview!! Are you crazy?!?! You're going to reveal me to the whole world!? What if Scorpia or Snakehead or the triads or something found me!?!? Are you nuts!?

Me: Well, um, I'm afraid your whole story has already been recorded by Anthony Horowitz.

Alex: ?!?! Give me that mike!

*struggle over mike* *loud feedback* *muffled grabbing*

Me: *punches Alex and rips mike back out of his hands* Ahem, yes, sorry about that everybody!!

Alex: Give me that!

Me: *in a hiss* You're ruining the show! Stop it!!

Alex: Mrs. Jones, get me------

Me: ALEX RIDER!!! Now, what was it like for you to be separated from your friend Sabina Pleasure?

Alex: HELPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!

Me: *background* be quiet! *to the audience* *nervous chuckle* Well, um, I guess that's kind of a touchy subject..... moving on.............

Alex: *gets out of seat and looks for exit* *to my horror takes out some of the zit cream from the first book/movie, about ready to burn through the metal walls*


Alex: *doesn't listen*

Me: *sighs, tackles him, ties him up, and calls M16* *turns back to audience* Well, I think that concludes our show for today!!!

Alex: *muffled* Let me go!!!!

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