Flexible Blog Award--to me!! =D

Sorry I didn't do this earlier!! I forgot that I got awarded, and by my good friend Piano Bookworm!!!

The Flexible Blog Award Rules:

#1. Thank the person who gave this award to you and leave link[s] to their blog[s].

Muchas gracias, Piano Bookworm! (thank you in Spanish=muchas gracias)

#2. What do you like best about your own blog?

My template!

#3. What do you like best about the blogs the person who gave you this blog has?

Piano's blogs are so colorful!

#4. Who is the most active person on your blog?

Most likely still Piano, though Madeline (B.) and Jess have been posting a lot!! Muchas gracias, guys!!

#5. What is your favorite blog?

Probably The Story Club, because there's so many cool people on it!!

 #6.What is your favorite design? (swirls, lines, etc.) 
I like swirls. =D

#7. What do you think the most flexible thing about your blog is?
The variety of things I like to post on it, probably.

#8. Award five people this award.
Ya ready?

This might surprise you.

Everybody who's reading this!

Yep, I'm talking to you. You deserve this award! If you're reading this, that means that you have the right to display this award on your blog.



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