Poem of Random

So I've come back to do what I do best,
And write a poem for all of you readers,
So I don't really know you or what you're like,
Whether you're followers or leaders.
But I hope that you enjoy the things on this blog,
And hope that you comment and such,
I might not get back to you right away,
But I'll try and stay and keep in touch!

So first of all, I'll clear some things up--
The Alex Rider books are getting better!!
So maybe you've read that book review,
And read of the depressing letter.
But since I've finished Scorpia,
Alex's life has been going grand,
And he's still being a spy,
And defending his lovely English land.

Some other things, too, that I shall say--
We have been working on The Agent Files,
I'm afraid it's not exactly like Jennifer, Victoria, Katherine, and Elizabeth,
Certainly not turning back time dials.
But for now I'll let you in on the secret--
The main characters are really spies.
They live in the beautiful city of Denver, (U.S.A.)
Where they give crooks a big surprise.

I'm afraid that my story with Otter Days--
Unseen World if you didn't know--
Isn't going quite as well--
I have to admit it's going kind of slow.
Of course it's neither of our fault;
We're just really, really busy;
Hopefully we'll finish it soon;
We'll do in eventually, you'll see.

I've just made some cool new headers!!
For all of my blogs, most recently Rubberboot Girl,
That's my blog of lots of random stuff,
And of pictures of the sea as white as a pearl.
I hope you go and visit,
My fair blog Dragonmaster, it's sweet!
I believe there's been a post from Andria....
And she can't be beat!!!! =D

So I hope you've enjoyed my ranting,
And my raving, too.
And so farewell for now, my readers;
I'll soon be seeing you!!!

I know you won't guess,
I just wanted to say,
Thanks a day!
For voting on the poll,
On Draognmaster fair,
Of my beautiful signature,
Thanks a hare! ;)

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