From Me To You

Magical lights fly over my head,
So close, I can almost touch, brushing my fingers,
My eyes close as God's angels,
Fly overhead, their lights bright, holiness lingers.
I can almost see the end,
Just around the next bend,
With God waiting there for me,
But now only Jesus I see.
As I'm waiting for the time,
That I'll really be there,
When I will come before him,
And only be able to stare.
I do not know what's ahead,
But I do know this,
That after I meet Jesus,
I shall know only bliss.
I shall be swept up into His arms,
And then everything will be right.
Then Jesus will lead the angels,
Oh, and that shall be a sight.
Then we'll be there, praising Him,
Our hands lifted high.
But for now I waited with uplifted hands,
Stretching towards the sky.

And now I must ask you a question, dear friend,
What do you think of my blog template?
I know that I might've changed the other one,
At such a very close, indeed, date.
But I do like this one, oh I do,
I hope you love it so, too,
Please tell me what you think of it, friend,
And maybe to you tips I'll lend. ;)
Just ask me nicely on this post,
And I will be sure to help you as I can,
Even if I might seem as a ghost,
I'll try and help you across the time span.
Now I didn't design my blog template,
Well, I guess I kind of did, my friend,
I went out to The Cutest Blog on the Block,
And to my blog a template I did send.
So how do you like it?
I like it a lot!
And it was for free,
No trouble, naught!
So maybe you might use it,
That'd be really sweet!
And maybe some day,
In Heaven we'll meet. =D

Bye!! Look to the sky!!



  1. Beautiful. Absolutely Beautiful. I love that poem. I love the way you asked the question, too! I love the template! That's a great pic! ( I know, lots of loves and !s)The 'Who Am I?' picture is AWESOME! Where do you get your pictures?

    1. Thanks!! Yeah, I kind of like making every day questions into poems. It makes them more interesting. :) I got the template off of The Cutest Blog on the Block. I love it, too! It reminds me of a scrapbook. I either take my pics or get them off Google images. Yeah!! I really love that picture, too!!! =D


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