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So, contests and quizzes are winning on the poll!!! I've probably got enough contests going, so--here's a quiz!! The question is: what character are you in Letters to Jo?--Willow, Jo, or Laura? (oh, wow, don't want that one!!!) =D Hereeeeeeee we goooooooooooo!!!!!

1. You see a kid that you don't know getting beaten up. What would you do?

A. Go and tell them to stop what they're doing RIGHT THEN or you'd go get the authorities.
B. Skitter off before they start doing that to YOU.
C. Go and help them beat the kid up--at least it's not you, right? And you might as well make friends with them......

2. You have two tickets to go to an awesome concert. What do you do?

A. Go invite the new kid who you know is shy and doesn't have lots of friends.
B. Hoard it, because you DEFINITELY don't want do go with anybody else anyway.
C. Snidely give the ticket to an already rich person who you know is already going right in front of a whole bunch of kids who've been complaining about not being able to go.

3. A foster kid is coming to stay with your family. What do you do?

A. Make sure they feel welcome and treat them as part of the family.
B. Stay in the shadows, not engaging with either them or your family.
C. Pretend to be nice and then start taking things from them quietly.

4. You hear that your friend's run away. What do you do?

A. Go out and look for them in the places that you're sure they are.
B. Cry and wish that they were back, but make no effort to go and look for them--because as far as you're concerned, they're long gone.
C. Who cares? I mean, really.

5. A car is rushing towards your best friend, who's obliviously walking out into the street right in front of them. What do you do?

A. Push them out of the way and sacrifice yourself.
B. Scream and try to pull them back, but if it's obvious you'll die, you can't do anything.
C. Why should you care?

As--Jo. Bs--Willow. Cs--Laura.


  1. Replies
    1. Go, Jess!! =D Jo's definitely awesome!!!!

  2. Whoa, hard questions! I was half-and-half between Jo and Willow.

    1. haha thanks! That's great!! I was probably, too, but I think I was more Jo...... ;)


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