Sisters make the days brighter,
Sisters make dark days lighter,
Sisters are always there for you,
Sisters don't cast you off like the worn shoe.

Sisters love to laugh and play,
Sisters love a shopping day,
Sisters love ice cream out,
Though sometimes sisters scream and shout.

Whatever happens, sisters are friends,
It doesn't matter how the road bends,
They're always there for each other,
They're as close as a brother and a brother.

Sisters always make things right,
Sisters are a sisters' delight,
Sisters sometimes understand the most,
Sisters are your party's host.

Sisters will comfort you when you're scared,
Sisters will surprise when you're not prepared,
Sisters won't fail the kindness test,
No--sisters are the best!

Do you have a sister? Older or younger? There's a special bond between sisters, isn't there? You're either friends or enemies like nobody's ever seen. Hopefully it's friends. If your sister is your friend, watch out, mean people. She's going to be there for you, to protect you, to guide you, to laugh with you (or at you, though hopefully you won't take it personally like I usually do...), and to give that glare that only sisters give when they feel you're misbehaving.

Sisters are unlike anybody else in the world. I know sisters who are closer then two peas in a pod. I know sisters who squabble worse then chickens. Sisters. They're amazing, aren't they? So unique. So special. And such a blessing.

Go and bless your sister today.


  1. I have two older sisters, and one younger. I get along with my older sisters most of the time, but my younger sister often tests my patience. I still love them all, and I learn from them all the time. :)

  2. I have a younger sister and she is my best friend even though we are day and night. I'm thankful we've always been good friends and never really been bad enemies, even though we've had our fair share of fights! :)


    1. It's kind of funny how we can be totally different, but as sisters there's just that special bond. :)

  3. I have an older sister!She is the best!

  4. I have five sisters and love them so much!! They are my best friends and I wouldn't trade them for anything.... even though they do get on my nerves sometimes:)


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