Guest Post. Awkward+Awesome

Hello! Kayla Here!

Walking into an inside joke.
Walking into a room and forgetting why you walked into the room.
Having your best friend ( Who you've know for years. ) ask you what your last name is.
Calling your friend on the phone. Awkward silence.
Not knowing what to blog about.
When people say LOOL. Yeah .....laugh out out loud!
When you've said your final fare wells to someone. 
    Only to return because you forgot something.
When you're struggling to open a door.
     Only to realize it says PUSH.

Having an inside joke with your friend.
Acing a test that you thought you bombed.
Thinking its Thursday when its Friday!
Sneaking under someone else’s umbrella.
When you look in a old purse and find 10 bucks.
     * I am rich! *

                   Haha! I just wanted to share some awesome and awkward things... :)
Xox. Kayla

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