Sarah Elizabeth's Personalized Interview

Hey, guys!! :) Sarah Elizabeth won my Rubberboot Girl Book Cover Contest and got a personalized interview!! :) Here it is!! :) Hope you enjoy!! :) {note: this if looks like fun, and something that you think I should do again, connect up with on Google+ (Andria Dragorn is my name on there... you know, the main character girl from The Dragonmaster series??) and I can get the questions to you. :)}

Me: So what's your favorite thing about blogging? 

Sarah: Hmmm... Right now, the stories! It has given me a good reason to write every day in order to publish a short story on my blog, and to work on actually finishing a WIP (work-in-progress).

Me: Which was the first blog you created? 

Sarah: Oo. That is kind of a long story... My sisters and I created a blog called Maidens of Virtue (with the same web address) and long story short, it was accidentally deleted... which was sort of... my... fault *cough cough* Ahem. Now, we have the "same" blog with the same name, but different address ( =]

Me: Why did you pick the name "Sarah, Plain & Average" for your blog title? Was it based off the book "Sarah, Plain and Tall"? 

Sarah: Yes. I got my title idea from the classic book by Patricia MacLachlin, which I haven't read in YEARS, and don't really remember. When deciding to create a personal blog for myself, the name with "average" substituting "tall" just came to me. I couldn't use the word "tall" because I don't think of myself as tall... (I stand maybe 5' 5" to 5'6", and while I am an inch or two taller than my mother and maybe even some of you readers, I'm really just average, in height and most anything else -- intelligence, speech, talents, etc. Hence, the name.) =] However, in the eyes of my King, I know I am far from average or plain, I am special and unique. ^__^ (Forgive my ramblings!)

Me: What's your favorite online social media? 

Sarah: Oh, dear... I love Pinterest, but good gravy! It's so addicting!! ARGH. (In all actuality, it is a huge waste of time - does anyone else agree?) So, yes, Pinterest, and blogger, of course, but I can also be found on an art site called, where you can find the largest portion of my photography. [Note: be warned if you decide to visit the website, it is a SECULAR site.] You can find a direct link to my photos on my blog, but they are also on a board in my Pinterest. My sisters and I share a shop on Etsy, as well, though, through the summer, it is currently on vacation.

Me: What's your favorite thing about Rubberboot Girl?

Sarah: ... I apologize, but I haven't read it... *blushes in shame* I try to keep up with the blog, though! =D

Me: Where do you get all of your awesome names for "What's in the name?"

Sarah: Monkeyfeathers. Must I give up all my secrets?? Haha, I'm kidding. ;D The majority of name meanings and their history hail from a site called If there is a certain name not found in their database, I usually Google it to find other sites. But Behind the Name is the best. You can also find meanings and history for surnames on their branch site

Me: What's your favorite blog design you've ever seen?

Sarah: I LOVE the design I currently have (on both Plain & Average and 3Maidens)!! Thank you, Storyteller!!! But if I had the ability and know-how to design everything myself, I would probably go for something like this blog:

(me on side note: that design's really awesome :))

Me: What's your favorite story you've ever read?

Sarah: Do you mean blog stories or published novels like "Pride & Prejudice" and "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"...? Either way, that is a difficult question, far too hard to answer! But I would probably say, though it is impossible for me to have an ultimate favorite book/series... that my favorite book would be: "The Walking Drum" by Louis L'Amour and my favorite series: "The Chronicles of Narnia" by C.S. Lewis. But their are SO many good reads out there! Thank you for the interview, Storyteller! <3

Me: You're welcome! :)


  1. What a fun interview! Thanks for sharing <3


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