Pernisia and Rowan--The Escape

By Poem Girl

Here we were again…in a tight situation, I do believe Caleb would have got us out of there in our last one if not for Rowan’s sudden exclamation about Caleb being an Elf, that really shook him hearing it said I guess and he seemed to forget all about the sword in his hands and the wolves and by the time he had regained his bearings those stupid Moon Wolves had taken his sword and herded us away. I’d tried to get pump Rowan for a plan but she seemed to be in her trance again and I’m sure I heard her mutter, “Stupid girl screaming Caleb.” a number of times…you know I get the feeling that she see’s him differently from me cause I don’t remember that part. Anyways after Rowan had been quiet for about forty minutes I heard Elf Caleb get up and start pacing the floor and “he” hadn’t said anything for a long time either, these people were starting to get on my nerves! 

“Listen.” I jumped up. “It’s clear to me that thinking for hours isn’t going to work. So can you guys break out of it and start doing something!” 

Caleb laughed and leaned again the cold stony wall of the cave. “Okay let’s hear it, how do you propose we do it?” I frowned at him even though I knew he couldn’t see it. “Don’t make that face Nisia.” He had seen it!

“You can see in this light?” Rowan asked her voice came out wispy like leaves in the wind. 

“Sure, can’t you?”

“Elves.” Rowan snorted.

I chuckled. “That reminds me, Caleb do you remember that girl back at our school who thought we were elves.” 

“You mean Rinn?”

“Yeah, I guess she wasn’t to far off, I mean ‘you’ turned out to be an elf.” I chuckled again, Caleb groaned.

“Don’t remind me, I still can’t accept it.” 

“Makes you wonder though.” I continued dreamily. “About those really strange kids, you know the one that disappeared on me at the dance and Rinn…both of them were pretty new at the school right.” 

“Yeah, Nisia let’s hear this plan of yours I don’t want to talk about this anymore.” Caleb replied evasively. 

“’I don’t have a plan!” I shouted. “I was counting on you guys to come up with one already so just do something!” 

I knew he was giving me a look and then just as I was growing depressed he snapped his fingers. “Done, just wait a second.” 

I heard feet scuttling and then nothing. 

What was he planning? 

By Me

My eyes were getting better accustomed to the dark, and I didn't think it was just because we had been in this cave for forever. I never would've been able to see this good. I watched Caleb scrabble towards the front of the cave. Pernisia was reaching out and feeling with her hands.

"Caleb?" she called hesitantly.

Couldn't she see? Apparently not.

At just that moment, three wolves started coming towards us from the mouth of the cave. My heart beat wildly. Had they killed Caleb? I hadn't heard a scream. I glanced over nervously at Pernisia. She still couldn't see a thing. I could tell. Her eyes looked almost glazed over, like she was blind.

Moon Daughter, the head wolf growled at me.

What? I glared. All of this wolf-speaking business was strange.

"Rowan," came Pernisia's scared voice. "Why are you grunting like the wolves?"

I didn't want to answer her.

You are the Wolf Hunter, came the growl from the wolf. Your friend there is the Wolf Moonworker. If you know what's good for you, you won't try and escape.

I didn't reply this time, moving myself in front of Pernisia.

The wolves snarled and then backed out of the cave.

I let out a sigh of relief. We were safe. For now.

"Psst, Rowan!"

A rope hit me on the head.

What the...?

I glanced up. There was a hole just big enough for me or Pernisia to slid through. A rope was coming through from the other side.

I smiled. "Pernisia, I think I just found our way out."

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