my name

if i ever told you my name
would anything ever be the same?
you would know what to call me
you would know that it's the key
to my secret, shy identity
that i've been hiding inside of me
this isn't a promise that i'll tell you soon
or even in a hidden lagoon
or ever, or anywhere
maybe i'll just wish it--
wish it to the cold night air
wish that i could tell you
listen to the dare
but don't tell you
but wish that i could
knowing that i want to
knowing what i should


the sunlight makes everything shine
like the cold of my friend's hair
i stand out in the field, feet cold with dew
and i just can't but stare
at the wonderful world that the Lord has made
with such careful design
and i can't help but wish that the beautiful work
had been from these fingers of mine
but i know that i'll never be able to do
what my dear Savior has done
for He is the Lord of Lords
God's One and Only Son
so i stand, thankful for this beauty of creation
and i wish this moment will never end
but i know that soon i will walk away
around the next bend

the book

i often often wish for adventure
looked in the pages of a book
thought that maybe i would fall through
if only i would look
i thought that there was magic in the pages
that only if i turn
i would find myself on a ship in the sky
about magic i would learn
but there's no magic here
i realize with a sigh
there's only old books, coffee,
and a big blue sky
painted in the ceiling above
with a flying, beautiful dove
so i turned away, started to leave
wishing that there still had been
some kind of adventure waiting for me
maybe Robin Hood and his men
and then i heard it--flip, flip, flip
i turned, slowly, waiting, with watching eyes
i felt the presence of something besides the books
i looked to see through their disguise
but i couldn't see anything different
i started to turn again
but something stopped me--
maybe thoughts of a fairy glen?
and then i heard it--
a slight glitter of a sound,
a twinkle, a beautiful wisp,
and it made me turn around
and then i found myself
walking towards the book
standing open on the table
just for me to look
and then it got bigger
bigger and bigger still
bigger and bigger!
as big as mill
and then i stepped through the book
into another world
and into adventure
i was whirled
if you look very carefully
you can find a special book
it's there, waiting for you
you only have to look.



  1. The first and the last poems really describe me:) These are really cool, Storyteller!

  2. Hello, Storyteller! May I ask you what the font is from your umbrella blog button? I LOVE it and would appreciate knowing its name. :)

    Thank you!

    1. It's called Scriptina. :) (it's available on Font Squirrel for free download...)

    2. Many thanks, Storyteller! Appreciate that. :)

    3. You're welcome. :) Hope you stick around!!

  3. These are all so amazing Storyteller!


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