Am I a Failure?

I feel like I'm a failure a lot. You know--all the usual stuff. I'm always losing things, I'm the ugliest person I know, I'm always doing stupid things at the wrong time, my friends know so much more then me, etc. I always feel like a failure. Like I should be more. But I'm not. It's a heavy weight to carry, isn't it? Have you ever had to carry it? I have. It's heavy. Very heavy. And I don't like it.

Funnily enough, I'm the one who chooses to carry it, every time I feel that way. Whenever my mom told me that it was my own fault that I was getting mad at somebody, that never used to make sense. (you ever had that happen to you? I know, it's the most annoying thing in the world, right? But true, of course.) I mean, it's not your fault that that person's being really annoying, right? Come on--they deserve to be yelled at.


I'm the only one who calls myself a failure. [I'm not quite positive about this but I'm sure] Lots of people don't think I'm a failure. [In fact, I'm pretty much sure that] No one does [and that it's all inside my head]. The only reason I feel like a failure is because I say to myself, "-------, you should be that." I am the only one saying that. I'm the only one telling myself that I am a failure. And you know what? It's a heavy burden. And really, I get sick of it. But sometimes it just seems like it sticks, doesn't it? And even when people tell you that (like, um, >this< person right here...), it doesn't really seem real, does it?

Well, there's Someone that I know will never think you're a failure--whether you fail your math test or sink the Titanic, or murder a person or accidently push somebody into the water. If you repent, if you're open to the Gospel, God is always going to be there for you. He always is there for you. You're the onl one holding yourself back from spending eternity in paradise. And it's just as easy to fall away, which is why you need to keep on seeking Him every single day, whether you're busy or bored, even if it's just a simple pray that says, "God, I need you today. Please help me be like you."

God will never think that you're a failure.

Think about that.

God bless.


  1. This post is so encouraging. I really needed this today.

  2. Interesting, very interesting. I've been thinking about your statement that "God will never think that you're a failure", and I've come to the conclusion that I agree. To a point. It depends on one's definition of "failure", because frankly, we're not perfect yet, so we will fail. But I believe that fact doesn't make one a "failure of a person", per say, and I also believe that God doesn't think that of anyone as to say that someone is a failure would mean that he failed (since he is the creator). The fact that we fail just proves that we are all fail-ers. But God is pretty awesome in that he knows we're going to fail, he expects us to fail and failure is something he'll have us all walk through time and time again in this life to make us more like him. And unlike the world's view, our failures don't make him think any less of us!

    1. Well, what I meant is that whatever we do, God's not going to see us as a failure like the rest of the world (and ourselves) do. He will see us as the beautiful being He created. :)

  3. love love love love love love love love love love love this post <3 :) was that a bit much? no. ;)


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