AS--The Voice

"Arawyn, wai...!" Damien started to say.

He was too late.

I looked into the lake.

And gasped.

Arawyn, we have been waiting for you...

* * *

Suddenly, everything was... dark. Different. Blind. Perfect. Wide. Empty.


My eyes flickered, but still the endless nothing stayed. I tried to move, but couldn't. I glanced all around. The darkness was the same here and everywhere. What was going on? Where was Damien? Where was the pool? And how had I gotten here?


My head whipped around, but there was nobody there. It had just been a whisper. A breath of air. And yet I knew that there was someone here. Someone who had spoken. Someone who knew me--knew me by name.

"Who are you?" My eyes flashed.

Someone you shall never see. Never know. Never understand.

I was confused.

Do not be confused, my child. All things will be explained in due time.

Who are you? The thought burst from my brain before I could stop it.


"Who?" I hissed, my eyes flicking around, trying to see the person, though I knew I never would. There still wasn't an answer. "Who are you?!" I yelled.

Calm down, Arawyn. I will explain things, but you might not understand everything. You must promise that you will never tell anybody but the King what we are about to tell you.

I immediately thought of Damien and Brumby.

Not even the boy and his father.

I didn't want to. Everything in my body fought against it. Why couldn't I tell them? It almost didn't seem fair. I glanced around again. Still there was only nothingness. Whatever it was was waiting for my answer. I felt it.

"Alright," I whispered. "Just tell me."


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