It's WHAT?!

Hey, ya'll. :)

Sooo.... I was getting flooded on my dashboard by saying that Google Friend Connect (otherwise known as the followers gadget) is getting... *gasp*... DESTROYED on July 1st. I'm not sure if this is true or not. I've looked it up, and this is what I got. As far as I can see from that, we here on blogger would be safe. So... I'm rather confused. IS IT REALLY SHUTTING DOWN?! All I can is, I sure hope not!!!! =P

Either way, if you have bloglovin' and normally follow my blog (or even if you don't), I'd be honored if you followed me!! :) I don't have bloglovin' (like... I didn't even know it existed until it started popping up around March =P) but if I ever get one, you'll all be having a new follower. :)

God bless!! :)


  1. So, I'm not entirely sure exactly what's going on with GFC, but the biggest sign that it's closing is that if you started a blog now, you would be able to get the GFC widget. I've read on several websites that it's closing, but we really won't know until July 1st. Better safe than sorry I guess. :/

  2. I was kinda confused when I first heard about this back in...March? Anyway, I signed up for bloglovin. :) I'm still not used to it because I still use blogger all the time, but I have imported all the blogs I follow on GFC to bloglovin. :)
    ooh! by the way, I tagged you on my blog! :)


    1. I know, I thought that's when around I heard it, too. I haven't signed up, and hope I never really have to. =P Aww, thanks!! :) I'll check it out!! :)

  3. I'm not 100% percent sure of the Google friend connect, but Google Reader is going to be canned come July, and it's the driving force behind Connect. Or, at least, that's what Google Reader itself announced a month or so ago.

    1. Yeah, I heard that. *google is confusing me* =P

  4. Yeah, I looked it up, and I think we are safe, but I'm doing the same with bloglovin for precaution!

  5. is it really shutting down?
    ahhh i hope not :(
    haha such a crisis for us bloggers right?

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