Pictures Hold Memories

I don't know about you, but I love going through old photo albums and looking at yourself, or people that you know, when they were younger. It's just so much fun. You get to relive your old memories, and see the memories of others. It's also fun when you go with someone who knows exactly was happening when the photo was taken. :) ("And here Cheryl had just pushed Chuck into the water, and that's why he's pushing her in...")

Pictures, I think, hold memories better then almost any other thing. I think the other top two things that hold memories for us are old things and our journals/diaries. I love going through my old journals and reading, and then I found myself thinking, "Oh, yeah, I remember that, that was when..." And then I remember something. :) Or I'll be cleaning out my room and come upon, say, a drawing, and I'll remember how hard I worked to make that picture look just right.

But it works for other things, too. For example: yesterday morning I had sausages and apricots for breakfast. (don't ask...) While I was eating breakfast, I was reading in the back of a Better Homes and Gardens magazines about cruises. (strange, I know...) Then this morning I ended up having the same breakfast. (as you can probably tell, we have a LOT of sausages on hand..... lol ;D) As I was putting my sausages into the microwave to heat them up, suddenly I remembered how I'd been reading about those cruises. Kind of strange, right? But that breakfast had held a memory. A memory of reading about cruises from a Better Homes and Gardens magazine, but still. ;)

What things hold memories for you? What are some of your favorite memories? Do you like looking through old photos? What kind of photos do you like looking through--photos of yourself, or of someone else that you know (friend, parent, etc.)? What's the strangest thing/object that's held a memory for you?

Later gator. ;)

Over and out.


  1. Memories are so neat! :) What you said about remembering reading about cruises when you saw the sausages (hehe :)), that's how mind palaces work. (I think mind palaces are really cool) You 'attach' a memory to an object and put it in your mind palace, so when you're 'walking' through your palace you see that object and remember.
    That was random.
    Very random in fact.
    I love going through old pic.s too. :)

    1. Yeah, I read about that. (in Reader's Digest, no joke...) It's so awesome how God created things, isn't it? :)

  2. This is very true! I also love looking through photo albums and watching old home video, it's a great way to keep very young memories alive!



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