I walk towards you.
Like I am in a dream.
Things grow fuzzy.
As I start to get nervous.
With the butterflies in my stomach.
I decide that I will wait for you to notice me.
I don't want to stand out in the crowd.
As the seconds turn in to minutes.
I realize I need to make the first move.
The room starts spinning.
My heart is telling me to go.
My head is telling me to stay.
I tell myself 'you can do it'.
As I make my way through the crowds.
I brush off any doubts or worries.
I am almost there.
Almost about to say 'Hi.'
Some one walks up to you.
Abruptly shoving me to the side.
My faith starts waivering.
I stand patiently.
I don't want to seem rude.
As the person starts to end the conversation.
I walk up to you and say 'Hello.'
That wasn't as hard as I thought.
You say 'Hey' back.
The conversation starts growing.
I actually said something funny.
As we laugh together.
You give your number.
I give you mine.
We part with friendly goodbyes.
I can't believe my Imagination and Mind got the best of me.
Telling me that I was going to fail.
You wouldn't like me.
Well.. Who's wrong now?

Have you every been shy, or nervous just about saying 'Hi'?
This little 'poem' describes how I feel every time I walk up to some one and say, 'Hi.'

Xox, Kayla

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