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So... like the post before I had my skiing accident (during which I tore my ACL and got a neon yellow knee brace), I told you that I had a Summer 2013 Bucket List. Right? Well, I'm not sure if you noticed, but it's going to be kind of hard to complete everything on that little list because of my knee brace. I mean, I can still do some, but not all.

So you know what this means? I need a new bucket list!! *score* #lovingbucketlists #toomuchfun

OK....... so...... let's get started. :)

Summer 2013 Bucket List {revised}
1. Try to write every single day.
2. Finish the fifth Unusuals.
3. Get a Dropbox account. {will explain in future post}
4. Become more like God each day.
5. Get up every day (except if I'm sick, stayed up late because of something really important, etc.) at six.
6. Spend a night in the cabin.
7. Play volleyball practically every day. {without jumping, of course}
8. Read 25 books. {at least}
9. Get the right design for Dragonmaster. {one in mind...}
10. Live life the way God wants me to, with no regrets.

Well... let's just say that wasn't quite as impressive as my last one. =D

Anyway, I have several "life updates" to tell you about. :)

First off... our dog had puppies again!!! Yay!!! :) They are the most adorable dogs EVAH. ;) I believe she had them on Wednesday. There's four in all. They're a bichon frieze shitzu Yorkie cross. They're soooooooo cute. :) I might post pictures of them when they're a little older. :) (If you want, of course..... ;)) We haven't picked names yet, but two we're considering are Mia and Bunny. (any ideas??)

Also... starting next Wednesday (I believe), I'm going to be volunteering at my local library!!! :) How exciting is that?! Gah, I love my library and the librarians there. :) Everyone's just so nice. :) And we have awesome books. :) It's going to be really awesome. :)

Also... other then getting published in the magazine, starting this next week, I'm going to start submitting Rubberboot Girl to some publishers. (I have to admit the Unusuals, so don't worry about that. Like... I didn't even know the different names [Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhatten, Queens] of New York. I said like "poor part" [Bronx] and "nice part" [Brooklyn]. So... yeah... I have to go and edit that.. :D)

I'll talk to ya'll later. ;)

Over and out.


  1. That is so awesome!!! I volunteered at my library for a few months, then had to stop because of school...just this past week I actually had an interview for a job at my library! :D It's really fun work, especially if you love books! :D

  2. Hey Storyteller!
    I get up at six's so nice to wake up early! :)
    Puppies are wonderful. Period. :) One random name is Periwinkle...and Winkle for short. Hehe. :)
    Have fun working at the library! That sounds GREAT!!! :)
    P.S. I'd really love it if you checked out my blog:

    1. Hey! :)

      I know, right? ;)

      Aww. :) Puppies are so cute. :)

      Thanks!! :)

  3. Your summer seems like it's going to be way more interesting then mine... My summer is going to be filled with 4-H stress, reading, wishing I had a job but for some reason nobody hires someone my age anymore, and then boredom when 4-H is over. :/ yup. Maybe I should make one of these summer bucket list thingys.

    1. haha well, I'm sure you'll still have some amazing adventures. :) I know what you mean by 4-H stress... =P (I'm not doing it anymore, though. Phew!!) You should!! That would be totally awesome:)

  4. Hai! I had no idea about your accident! I'm so sorry about that. Awesome bucket list! I love dogs! That is so cute! You should soooooooo post pictures of them when they are older!!!!!!!!!!! I would LOVE that. Have an AWESOME day! Love your bog.

    - Aimeebob :)

    1. That's OK. :) Thanks!! :) haha OK, I think I will. :) Aww, thanks:)

  5. I love getting up early... But I love to sleep! :P I know, I have to sort out my priorities:) I'm also gonna have to use some of your ideas for my list! They are so great:)

    1. haha same here!! :) Though I always feel better when I wake up early then sleep in... Thanks:)


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