missing it||back early

dear readers,

let's just say i've missed you. (and why on earth am i in italics?! will explain...) things have slowed down here a bit, and i realized that if i have time to go and check out new blogs and check my email etc. i probably have time to make a blog post. (i'm serious..... i've been coming up with all of these good post ideas.... and been wanting to get back.....)

i suppose i should start off by explaining why i'm in italics. simply because... i do italics when i don't capitalize haha :D and i'm in the mood not to capitalize. because... i like how the "i" looks. lol ;D

anyway, i've been really busy lately, with lots of things, which i won't be able to all explain. (though i really wish i could) i'll be piecing together some of what's been going on through my blogs, and somehow you'll just have to make it look like a picture.

thanks so much for sticking with me. (and for now unfriending me. what a sad thought.....)

talk to ya'll later....

(yes, i still capitalize names...)

||thanks to my guest posters||
you mean a lot
{and you can still keeping posting for a bit. If you want.}


  1. Awww will miss you, and can't wait to read your posts when you come back :)

  2. I know what you mean about not wanting to capitalize sometimes ;) I feel like that, but then I become OCD and go back and capitalize everything that should be capitalized...well, at least most of the time, I do. :p
    I was like "wait, Storyteller's back on...it's not Thursday!" ;) Glad to have you back! I was like that too, when I tried to take an internet break during my driver's ed. I just couldn't stay away from my blog! :D

    1. Exactly. ;)
      haha :) Glad you wanted me back lol ;D

  3. Thank you so much for following my blog. I really appreciate it!


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