A chapter in which Wyn suddenly wishes she didn't look like a boy

I don't know about you, but pretending to be a page so that you can go to the Middle East and bring back your sister's true love so that she doesn't marry some other creep though the guy she already likes is a creep and then getting attacked by pirates and forced to flee overboard with the knight that you're pretending to be the page of and having to walk across all of Europe to get to the Middle East is not what I would consider good.

"I'm tired," Sir William whined.

I glared at him. "So am I. Keep walking."

"I want a horse," he told me.

"Buy one," I told him.

"I don't have any money," he pointed out.

"Gee," I snorted, "neither do I. How sad."

Since I'd saved our lives from those horrible pirates, it seemed that I had become the leader of our twosome. And that meant that I got to make all of the decisions. Which, of course, I loved getting to do. I mean, come on...

"We'll stop here," I announced, my eyes catching the faint sight of smoke in the distance. "Tomorrow we'll make our way to that village and see if we can get to the nearest sea port. From there we'll catch a ship."

"Where's the village?" demanded Sir William, plunking down on a rock like it was a royal chair.

I pointed to the smoke.


"And then, if we get passage, we won't have to walk the whole way," I smiled rather smugly, folding my arms.

"Hello, kind sirs."

I whirled around so fast that I nearly fell over. Remember, Wyn. Everybody else thinks you're a boy. Don't blow your cover. I cleared my throat and narrowed my eyes. There was a girl around my age standing in the shadows of a nearby tree.

"Who are you?" I demanded with a glare.

She stepped out into the moonlight. She was... OK, she was really pretty. Like... I wished I looked like her. She had blonde hair and big brown eyes that made me shiver. Sir William was immediately on his feet, then on his knee before her, kissing her hand.

"Milady!" he cried.

The girl's eyes were still on me.

Wait. This... wasn't good.

"What's your name?" she asked with an almost amused smile.

Oh, stink. I hadn't really thought of that. Everybody just called me page or whatever.

"Um..." I trailed off. Come on, brain! Think! "Edward," I finally blurted.

She giggled.



  1. "She giggled.


    Reading this made me laugh! What a fun story!

    1. Thanks!! :) haha I love that part. =D


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