Contest, Psalms, Highlighters, and Stories

Britt asked me a very good question--

When am I going to post the results of the Rubberboot Girl Cover Design Contest?

Well, I was going to post them today, but when I went to enter Britt's entry into a new window, I found out that she'd left the link of my post. So.... I surfed through her blog archive and couldn't find it. So, Britt, could I maybe have a little help?? So so sorry. =P I'll make sure not to post any results until I can see your book cover, too. :)

Anyway, so guess what? My little adventure through Psalms is over. Yes, I finished Psalms!!! YAY!!!!!!! =D And, as a tribute to one of my favorite books in the Bible ever (a.k.a. Psalms), I put the last verse of Psalms as this week's verse. Isn't that a great verse? I thought it was so great that I highlighted it in my Bible. :) (I love highlighting verses. Not only can you show others what verses have meaning to you and show yourself,  but it's also neon yellow... :))

If you don't have a highlighter already, I suggest that you get one. :) It not only makes you stop and ask yourself, "What meaning does this verse have to me?" but it's also just lots of fun to highlight your favorite words in the Bible. :) Since I've gotten my highlighter, I've been highlighting like crazy--during church, during youth group, at home reading to myself... I just love highlighting. It makes the words stand out just that much more. (literally) Like everywhere I read I'm just like "OH MY WORD I LOVE THIS VERSE!" So out comes the neon yellow highlighter and the words get themselves highlighted. :) I keep my highlighter right in my Bible case so that whenever I read it, I can have my highlighter right on hand.

Do you have a highlighter? If so, what color is it? (because I know that there's at least pink highlighters, too =D)

The other day I just like came up with two full story ideas (a.k.a. the whole thing) randomly. Isn't that weird? The first one's about this girl who's kind of overweight for her size and decides to go into a town beauty pageant against the prettiest (and snobbiest) girl in the entire school. (I'm planning on making it really funny ;)) And the next one's about this girl who gets herself this kind of wishing magic that whatever she wishes for, the exact opposite happens. (I'm not sure if this one's going to be funny. JK it's probably going to be funny =D)

As soon as I'm done writing them, I promise to put them on one of my blogs so that you can read them. :) (if I have any room left for stories... lol I keep on filling up my page space sooooooo quickly =P)

Which one sounds like your favorite out of the two?

God bless!! Have a great Sunday!! :)

Later gator.

Over and out.


  1. I've seen purple, blue, green, and orange highlighters too. :) Just thought I'd add that in here. ;)
    Congrats on finishing the Psalms, and yay for your new story ideas! :D

    1. Yeah haha I just first thought of pink. :)

      Thanks! :)

  2. They both are pretty cool, I have a neon green highlighter :)

  3. I think both of the stories sound really good. I can't wait to read them.

  4. I love highlighters! They are so fun and colorful! :D And the story ideas sound great! I think the one about the girl and the wishes is the one I'm looking forward to the most - it's a cool idea! I can't wait to see what you will come up with - I'm sure they will be really funny! :)

    1. Me too!! :) I hope you do like it... :)


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