You are Lord of lords,
You are King of kings,
You are Mighty God,
Lord of everything,
You're Immanuel,
You're the Great I Am,
You're the Prince of Peace,
Who is the Lamb,
You're my Saving God,
You're my Saving Grace,
You will reign forever,
You are Ancient of Days,
You are Alpha,
Beginning and End,
You're my Savior,
Redeemer and Friend.

You're my Prince of Peace,
And I will live my life for you.

If you have never heard that song... all I can say is, please look that song up. I love that song. I love singing to the Lord His many names. Whenever I'm singing, I really feel alive the Lord. Not that I don't anyway. But I mean, I really just feel so... so... I can't even explain it. Whole? Perfect? Loved? I don't know. I just get this amazing feeling when I'm praising the Lord. Have you ever gotten that feeling before?

Lord, i love You
Lord, i praise You
Lord, You are my All in All
thank You

I love having a heart of praise. It makes me feel alive in a way that nothing else does!!! It's sooo amazing!! That's why I love being at Christian concerts with my friends. (especially my favorite artists... coughcoughForKingandCountrycoughcoughthissummercoughcough) It's just such a great experience. I love praising the Lord with my friends.

In what ways do you feel alive in the Lord?

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