The Book Nook, ACL Updated, Spring, and Volleyball

The Book Nook

Hey, guys!! :) Please go and visit The Book Nook (click picture above) and possibly follow!! Maria is the author of this amazing blog full of book reviews. :) When she gets to 30 followers, she gets to do this awesome review thing!! :) So please help her get to her goal. I know she'd appreciate it a lot!! :)

Anyways, I don't think I told you guys, but I found out that if I'm going to have surgery for my torn ACL, it'll be in two years. (wow, that sounds like a really long time right now... =P) And in the meantime I'm just going to continue with my therapy. (which they said I was doing really good at. So, yay!!! =D) 

Anyway, so guess what? All of our snow has finally gone and melted away, and we finally have green grass, fresh air, and flowers!!!!!! :) (and, of course, warm temperatures...) It's finally starting to feel like spring again. :)

Yesterday it was so nice that I decided I'd try and play volleyball again. (minus the jumping, of course) Well, I was leaning back to catch a ball, and it kind of hurt, so, yeah, I stopped playing. *sadness* I just hope that I'll be able to play volleyball in the future. (because it's one of the awesomest games EVER, of course. :))

So, yeah, I mostly just went inside then and wrote on some of my stories. =P (which are coming right along, I might add... I'm getting quite excited about them...) And all of you Unusual lovers? Just to say, I even wrote some on them, though I have yet to think of the most awesome idea yet that will plow me through to the sixth book. ;D

I'll talk to ya'll later. :)

Later gator.

Over and out.


  1. Cool! We have had spring for a while now. :) I am praying for your knee. =)

  2. Thanks for mentioning my blog! Lovely design job, too. :)


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