About me. *Kayla*

Hello Everybody!
    I have been pronounced this great honor of being able to guest post! *Huge Grin*

      As this being my first guest post on this blog..
 I will just tell you a bit about myself.

    I get distracted super easily..
     I love blogging!
      I love expressing myself through what I write.
    I like photography.
       I am home schooled.
    I am going into 8th grade.
        I am a crazy christian girl.
 I love the colors pink, sea foam green, and aqua blue.
   I love skiing.
      I adore reading.
 I consider myself a fashionista.
  Chocolate is my kryptonite.
    I secretly love superman.
      I have played and completed 5 Mario games.
  I am techno geek.
   I love music.
       I play piano.
 I love to sing.
    I love movies.
I dislike scary stuff..
 I am currently obssesed with the 39 Clues.
  And I am training to be a Secret Agent! *In my dreams*
I am a dreamer.
       I have two blogs.
          My main blog.
         And my doll blog.

                                            Haha. Thanks for reading!
        Xox. Kayla



be nice ∞ be kind ∞ be a hero

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